We have prepared a different delicious lunch set for every day at an attractive price. We serve it every day from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.! Each set includes a mini dessert and coffee (black coffee, espresso or cappuccino). Here are some more suggestions.

Monday 07/08/2023

Cauliflower cream with Parma ham crisp

Tagliatelle with beef

Tuesday 08/08/2023

Mushroom cream with toast

Salad with chicken and watermelon in mint sauce

Wednesday 09/08/2023


Spaghetti carbonara

Thursday 10/08/2023

Broccoli cream with pears and azure

Shrimps in miso sauce with peppers, rice and peas

Friday 11/08/2023

Zucchini cream with puff peas

Zander in chanterelle sauce with mashed potatoes and French mustard

and glazed carrots

Saturday 12/08/2023

Corn chowder

Barbecue ribs with mashed potatoes and coleslaw

Sunday 13/08/2023

Regional potato

Caesar salad with chicken